Photo Finish

Well my darlings, as Bluma Shperling used to say, this is our last post from remote China. Our backpacks our packed and we’re waiting for our flight. It’s some hours away so we just sit in the hostel till we take a cab to the airport and then we’ll sit there for a while.

the last four days were just exhausting – we planed on doing more sightseeing than shopping but somehow it just turned out the other way around. Now we hope not to get overweighted and that we go through the customs back home without any problems (oh yes, we’re gonna smuggle some stuff…).

This trip has been amazing, no less. We came to realize that just 10% of it were sightseeing and the rest 90% were a total 5-senses experience. All the things we saw, the cultural differences, the funny people and their customs, the way they live their lives, the landscapes, the art, the roads, the animals (live or cooked and fried), the other travellers, the Israeliada, the holidays (both chinese and ours), being away from home in a strange country for so long (while a mini-war going on), forgetting about the university and work but still keeping it at the back of our heads, and all the very very complicated and hard to explain food struggle, all of these were just amazing, and we probably will cherish a lot of it for many years.

And there’s all the neat stuff we bought.

So this is it. It’s not a real sum-up because the official one, the post that will lock this TripBlog till the next one will open uo, will appear in a few days, in Hebrew, from the very much loved and missed Jerusalem.

Thank you all for listening, and for talking back, it’s been our great pleasure.

And no, no photoes on the photo-finish because the damn computer doesn’t read our USB drive. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Photo Finish

  1. michal says:

    I had tons of fun. When are you going to a new and exotic location? I can’t wait to listen and see your new adventures what ever and where ever they may be…

  2. Ringo Starr says:

    shaul and nirit,
    thank you. it was wonderful.
    so good to have you back.

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