Yom Kippur

Going to see the old Jewish getto today, from the WWII period when some Jewish refugees seeked sanctuary in Shanghai from the Nazis. After that we’ll pay a visit to Beit Chabad to the Kol Nidrey service, and just try to have the holiday spirit as much as we can in this on-going-party city. It’s always a little bit hard to disconnect yourself from the outside world, especially on a day like this, when you try to focus on dwelling in peace and quite while China is celebrating it’s 57 birthday (it’s the chinese YOM HA’ATZMAUT today and during this upcoming week).

Gmar Hatima Tova!

5 thoughts on “Yom Kippur

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  2. michal says:

    i didn’t know JUNK mail can be posted in blogs. intresting. or not.

  3. Ringo Starr says:

    michal, we all know you are the one who posted it. but it’s ok. you owe us all 500$ gift cards.
    Shaul, get back already. as you can probably see – i’m going banana.

  4. Nirit & Shaul says:

    Go go bananas!!!
    How many bells do you want?
    And on this note, anybody wants anything special? Michal, can we get you something small as a token for our gratitude for participating in TripBlog so nicely?

  5. michal says:

    present? for me? small??
    let me start by saying, i really don’t need or want anything. now i can say i will really appriciate anything you bring me, the bells sound nice. are they small? cow bells? do they hang on the wall? or on the door? i’ll close with saying that me and ofer are focusing on decorating our home, so any contribution will be wonderful. no matter how small… end of the blog… what will i do with my time now???

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